Tina Rizzitello
Hello to all of you! Happy Day!! That’s all I will tell you at this time is--I’ve been an aspiring writer for the last 6 years or so…And I feel that- as I expand in the posts you will get to know all of me—But for now…. Pretty simply put; I’m here to inspire YOU….To warm your heart & sooth your soul--To bring some ‘liquid love’ your way, each and every day! :-)  I feel - that's what we all need right now- is much more ‘love & inspiration’ in our lives. To help us to ‘keep the faith’ to believe not only in ourselves but also in humanity--as it is most obvious – that there is a major shift going on in the world today! I’ve felt a deep calling to do this…To create a loving,  safe & sacred space for ‘Daily Inspirations’ just for you.... * A space available whenever you need a picker-upper…To feel uplifted to face the day… * May be a little encouragement so that you might be able to look at the outer world with ‘new eyes’ …With a good healthy positive attitude! * And then, you might even -end your day by taking in some great inspirational tips to help you let go of all your worries of your day- So that they can fade away- as you lay your head to sleep. From thought provoking quotes that you may be familiar with/or not- To seeing all the abundance of natural beauty that surrounds us so freely every day-that we forget to be thankful for…The things we may not even notice as we scurry around through our busy day. But its all okay… we are living a very ‘human experience’ that can very easily take us away from feeling the utmost ‘inner’ peace & joy’…We all need littler reminders—we just need to take a moment-- to take it in…We just never know what will ‘take our breathe away…As we say, aaaaah~ J So let’s see where this journey can take us, okay? Welcome aboard to this wonderful adventure called life! If you feel compelled to share, please do—sometimes, ‘what you share’ can also inspire someone else! In the meantime….My hopes are that you will FEEL the Love, and bring it with you wherever you go! :-)
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