Home Team Wins Manasquan Lifeguard Tournament

Manasquan guards win three of six events

Manasquan hosted its 28th annual lifeguard tournament Monday, and the hometown crew emerged victorious against Belmar, Sea Girt, Bradley Beach, Asbury Park, and Spring Lake.  

Manasquan came out on top in the rescue relay, boat relay, and torp run relay, while trailing not far behind in the swim and paddle relays and medley.

Sea Girt and Belmar teams, however, gave Manasquan a run for their money in most events.  

"This was a fun tournament," said Ray Herbert, a lifeguard from Belmar. "There was a lot more team involvement than the other tournaments that are really individual-based. I like that."

According to Manasquan's head lifeguard Harry Neill, this is part of the tradition that the lifeguards have kept since the tournament's inception.

Neill, a Manasquan lifeguard for 33 years, said they have used the same events in their competitive tournaments with other towns since beginning 28 years ago.  

"These tournaments help build teamwork," Neill said. "It's about people honing their skills as lifeguards. You want them to have fun, but it's also competitive. Hopefully it helps them become better lifeguards."  

On winning on his home turf, Neill said, "We won here two years ago, and we could have won last year but there was a mishap. There's a lot of pride in winning locally."  

Event Results:

Boat Relay

  1. Manasquan
  2. Bradley Beach

Swim Relay

  1. Sea Girt
  2. Manasquan
  3. Bradley Beach
  4. Spring Lake
  5. Belmar
  6. Asbury Park

Paddle Relay

  1. Bradley Beach
  2. Sea Girt
  3. Manasquan
  4. Asbury Park
  5. Belmar
  6. Spring Lake

Rescue Line

  1. Manasquan
  2. Bradley Beach
  3. Sea Girt
  4. Belmar
  5. Spring Lake
  6. Asbury Park

Torp Relay

  1. Manasquan
  2. Belmar
  3. Spring Lake
  4. Sea Girt
  5. Asbury Park
  6. Bradley Beach


  1. Belmar
  2. Manasquan
  3. Sea Girt
  4. Bradley Beach
  5. Asbury Park
  6. Spring Lake


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