Wall Central Elementary School Celebrates 100 Days in School

From Wall schools:

On Wednesday, February 19th Wall Central Elementary School first grade students happily celebrated 100 days in school during a fun filled event held in the school gymnasium. The children were involved in eight distinct stations that had activities focused on the number 100. 

The activities included: how many times they could write their name in 100 seconds, the number of jumping jacks they could perform in 100 seconds, measuring how many inches 100 pennies equaled, counting how many times they could hula hoop in 100 seconds, recording the number of times they could jump on one foot in 100 seconds, logging the number of times they could touch their toes in 100 seconds, calculating the number of times they could bounce a ball in 100 seconds and determining if a sponge could hold more or less than 100ml of liquid. Each student estimated and recorded their activities on a spreadsheet. The children all worked in cooperative groups along with students from other classes. In addition, they learned the importance of sharing and working together as a team.


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