Squan BOE Supports Disciplinary Action Against Teacher

Third-grade teacher accused of bullying; parents not satisfied with district's response

The disciplinary action taken by the Manasquan School District against a third-grade teacher accused of bullying was appropriate, according to the School Board. 

The unnamed female teacher was accused by parents of violating the school's HIB policy, and the subsequent investigation validated some of those claims, officials said on Tuesday. 

The parents, however, were not satisifed with the course of action taken by former Superintendent Geraldine Margin, and on Sept. 25 met with the board in closed session. 

The board on Tuesday reviewed the matter in another closed session and publicly determined that no further action would be taken regarding the matter. 

The board's attorney, R. Armen McComber, said the identities of the teacher and students would likely never be revealed.

The allegations leveled against the teacher are also not being made public since the issue relates to a personnel matter, officials said. 

The school board voted unanimously to stand by Margin's initial disciplinary action and take no further action. Katherine Verdi abstained. 


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