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Manasquan Gets State Go-Ahead For $2.5M 'Warrior Complex' Renovation

The state has given the go-ahead for a $2.5 million plan to renovate the Manasquan High School athletic fields called the "Warrior Complex," which was approved by the school board during the summer.

The plan includes using the elementary campus for baseball and replacing the football field. A retaining wall to improve drainage is also part of the plan, based on designs developed in a recent master plan.

The baseball field's relocation has not been decided. 

The project includes an artificial turf football field, regulation-size track as well as lights and new bleachers.

The retaining wall will be placed at the edge of the wetlands bufffer to alleviate flooding. A nearby creek creates flooding issues on the fields and onto property on Willow Way. 

Some residents have questioned the effectiveness of the retaining wall and the environmental impact.

Besides the artificial turf, the Warrior Complex project will create a regulation track for competitive running events. Manasquan is the only Monmouth County public school to not have a track that complies with competitive standards, school officials said.

The preparations for the football field and surrounding track were to begin after the bleacher and drainage phase.

Carol Wilkins Kirkman March 14, 2014 at 11:17 PM
@MHS Grad, it appears that you just don't get it or possibly you just choose not to get it. Maybe you need some refresher Business courses because it's not that simple to move money from one account to another account especially if the use of specific account money is not allowed by state or federal regs under the law.
MHS Grad March 15, 2014 at 06:37 PM
your kindof a mean nasty person CWK. I asked a question. you respond with some no answer bs about federal regs under law at our HS?? yea i went there too so dont hold my stupidity against me. if you budget to pay a teacher 50 and change them to 52, you move the 2. how hard is that? do you call christie or obama to make it happen? the only time i ever heard about science rooms was when this started never before. i hear about fb and sports all the time.
Jane Richards March 16, 2014 at 12:29 AM
You are right on, Dame Bridgid. The State Commisioner of Ed. Stood on the MHS stage this summer and told the BOE that they need to upgrade science, math and technology. Talk about short changing the students... We do need the field upgraded but with a less elaborate field plan some funds could go to to some upgrading of the above mentioned programs.
Carol Wilkins Kirkman March 17, 2014 at 09:01 AM
@ MHS Grad. mmmmmm.... I've never been accused of being "a mean nasty person" by anyone that knows me. That is a first. Maybe you should take some time away from FB and The Patch to surf the web on some interesting learning sites instead. There is a wealth of accurate interesting information out there. And to answer your question - No, I do not call or involve Chris Christie or President Obama on anything locally. That would not be appropriate.


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