Lacey's Graduation Rate Declines With New Ranking System

New federally mandated methodology calculates how many students graduate within a four-year period

followed a statewide trend this year: lower graduation rates thanks to a new type of ranking system.

The new formula for calculating the graduation rate of high school students changed this year statewide, as New Jersey adopted a federal standard, which calculates how many students graduate within a four-year period.

The new method was used in calculating graduation rates for the 2010-11 school year, which were released by the state Department of Education earlier this week.

The rankings showed Lacey Township School District has the fifth highest graduation rate in the county at 90.77.

During the previous school year, which used a different method, LTHS had a 94.00 percent graduation rate.

Statewide, graduation rates declined by about 9 percent, on average, under the new formula. The statewide graduation rate is 83 percent.

Comparisons to previous years cannot be made since a new methodology is being utilized, the state said.

“As we look at these new graduation rates across the state, the question we must continue to ask ourselves is not only whether students are graduating from high school, but whether we are truly preparing them to be ready for the demands of the 21st century," said Acting Commissioner Chris Cerf.

The results reinforce the need for new assessments to not only increase graduates but to prepare students for college and careers, he said.

“We should approach these results with both confidence and humility – we continue to be among the leaders in the nation, but we can still do more to make sure every child, regardless of zip code, has an equal opportunity in life,” Cerf said.

Superintendent Dr. Sandra Brower and Board of Education President Jack Martenak did not return calls for comment.

By The Numbers: Ocean County Graduation Rates, 2010-11 School Year


District-Wide Graduation Rate


87.39 percent

Toms River

89.96 percent


70.11 percent

Point Pleasant Boro

92.39 percent

Point Pleasant Beach

98.17 percent


90.77 percent

Central Regional

88.48 percent


93.42 percent


89.18 percent


89.19 percent

Southern Regional

88.33 percent

Pinelands Regional

86.72 percent


96.84 percent

tr May 05, 2012 at 12:50 AM
At the July 18, 2011 BOE meeting, the old superintendent and the current Board were challanged on this topic, as to why the Lacey Graduation rate was LOWER than the state average as reported by the STATE REPORT CARD still currently posted on the website from 2010!!! The vidieo broadcast was conveniently deemed to have technical difficulties and unable to be broadcast on channel 21! On August 18,2011, in this Lacey Patch format, the topic was addressed again. No response from the BOE was noted at any subsequent meeting or statement for the public. Today, under the NEW system, Lacey, all of a sudden, has a rate of successful graduations from our district as dictated by the state. If our district has made such a successful TURN AROUND why wasn't it communicated to the taxpayers as a huge success story??? Again, good money is being spent, by taxpayers, for measured performance by the current administration, business manager, and board members. It is the obligation of the elected officials to respond to the inquiries of their citizens in a timely manner. Transparency of the elected leadership is the issue.
Helen May 05, 2012 at 12:47 PM
That old Super is collecting a $122,000 a year pension courtesy the NJ taxpayer!! Love the incestuous relationship between BOE members and super. What an exhorbitant amount of dollars promised on the backs of taxpayers.
Emilie Difino May 05, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Not everyone is the bad guy and not everything in a conspiracy you know. Lacey's graduation rate has always been decent. It's not like we're talking about Lakewood all of a sudden making a miraculous recovery in graduation rates... If taxes are your issue, move. This is NJ... everyone pays too much for taxes and doesn't see much in return. Go to the BOE meetings then and YOU can report all the dirty things Lacey BOW is hiding from the taxpayers.
Harry The Hat May 05, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Somethings wrong when a dozen or so graduates from Lacey actually started planning a road trip to Europe, Driving of course, thru the tunnel.. True story


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