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GOP Hopeful Wants to End Partisan Rancor

Says he'd restore 'collegial' atmosphere to Squan council

Michael Sinneck, one of vying for possibly as many open seats on the Manasquan Borough Council this fall, said he wants to end the "malarkey" between partisans on the dais.

The 64-year-old Cedar Avenue resident — with more than 40 years experience in the information technology sector working for companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Citigroup — said his background would help restore positive discussion between opposing views on the council.

With Republican Patricia Connolly of November's race and Conservative Party member Don Grasso unsure if he'll run for re-election, there will be new blood on the council regardless which party scores the two seats this fall.

Both Connolly and Grasso, who recently left the Republican Party, have routinely butted heads with the council's four Democrats and Mayor George Dempsey. GOP leaders recently have distanced themselves from their former candidates and say they are looking for fresh faces to re-establish a working relationship with the majority party.

“I really want to do all I can to restore positive discussion," Sinneck said. "Debate doesn’t have to be acrimonious and divisive.”

The Republican's other candidate, Greg Olivera, could not be reached for comment Wednesday. GOP Committee Chairman Richard Dunne said Wednesday that he believed Olivera was out of town.

Sinneck said that he has been disappointed with the partisan rancor that is too often included in public discussions between parties.

“I don’t think we need that. We need to approach this thing more collegially and put the town first above all other interests," he said.

Sinneck said that while he has strong opinions, he's also not trying to change Manasquan.

The borough, Sinneck said, has a rare appeal and he wants to preserve that. 

Borrowing a slogan from the other side, Sinneck said he would like to "keep Manasquan Manasquan.

“By and large George (Dempsey) and the council have done a good job,” Sinneck said.

Sinneck said that while he was not a "hardcore" fiscal conservative, he believed money should be spent with a close eye on the debt.

“We’ve got to be cautious and conservative with how we use the taxpayers’ dollars," Sinneck said.

Since Democrats have enough votes to do anything they want, Sinneck said Republicans needed a new approach to shape decision making.

“The Democrats can run the table any time they want," Sinneck said. “So we need to bring our perspective to the discussion and try to influence things as best we can.”

The current state of interparty relations only hurt the town, Sinneck said.

“I watch the citizens in those meetings — they don’t want that kind of malarkey,” Sinneck said. “Life’s too short, this town’s too small. We don’t need these kinds of debates.”

Don Grasso April 05, 2012 at 06:35 PM
What is a Malarky?
Donald Grasso April 05, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Mr. Sennick I don’t’ recall seeing you at any of the 66 council and budget meeting that I attended? I need to know what facts you have to back statements that meetings were “Acrimonious and divisive.” Are you reading the Coast Star or getting information from Mayor Dempsey and the Democrat Party? For the past 3 years we have been the minority party. I’d brush up on and do your homework before making erroneous statements. For the past 4 years I’ve been a Republican Club member and again I’ve never seen you at any or if even if you paid the $20 membership dues? Since I was on the last 4 campaign committees I know for a fact you never attended or gave money to our candidates at any fundraisers? I would think if you were so concerned with Manasquan’s financial matters you would have made an effort to meet with me. You’re just another Rino in a lost party.


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