OCPD Offers 'Lifeline Program' to Seniors

Seniors without any family or friends in the area can sign up.

The Ocean City Police Department is looking out for local senior citizens by offering the Lifeline Program

Seniors without any family or friends in the area can enroll in this program for free. Each day, the senior is asked to call the department and check in. If no call is made, the department will call them. If there is no communication between both parties, an officer will check visit the senior's residence and check on his or her well-being

Sgt. Dave Hall says the program has been in place for his entire 17-year career with the OCPD.

"This program is important to give seniors living on their own the peace of mind of being checked on a daily basis," Hall said.

For more information on the program, call the communications supervisor, Kathy Huffard, at 609-525-9124 or email khuffard@ocnj.us.

Tim winded November 14, 2012 at 12:58 PM
This wonderful knowing that someone will make sure I don't pass away and. Noone wouldn't know. This happened a few years ago when a neighbor passed away and she was dead for a week before someone know. Thank you so much god helping us seniors.


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