Manasquan Officials Hold 'Park Tour'

Manasquan Council’s Public Property and Parks Committee hosted a community park’s needs assessment on Saturday beginning at 10 a.m. at various Manasquan Parks.

During a recent Public Property and Park’s meeting, one of the many items discussed included a re-evaluation of parks as part of the Borough’s ongoing planning.

The Council Chair Greg Olivera, Councilman Mike Mangan and Councilman Joe Bossone and other officials were slated to be “on-site” to listen to residents’ suggestions for improving Parks and Playgrounds.

Council Chair Olivera said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to meet one on one with residents with the goal to preserve and improve one of Manasquan’s valuable assets, our parks.”

Councilman Mike Mangan stated, “We want to listen to the residents and find the most cost effective way to maintain our parks while updating their needs from their suggestions.”

“Our parks provide an invaluable resource to our Manasquan seniors, families and children alike,” said Bossone.
The Council Members encourage the residents of Manasquan to attend.

The schedule is as follows:
10am Axel B. Carlson/Stockton Park
11am Mallard Park
12am Curtis Park
1pm Skokos Park
2pm Indian Hill
3pm Max Pond


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