Manasquan Announces More Hydrant Flushing, Possibility of Discolored Water

More weeks of hydrant flushing, through Feb. 1

Manasquan residents may see discolored water out of taps as the borough continues more weeks of hydrant flushing.

The hydrant flushing program, which began last month, will pick up this week again and should last through Feb. 1, Public Works Superintendent Tom Nicastro announced.

Manasquan water faucets may be spitting out discolored water, but it's harmless and can be solved by leaving the water running until it's clear, officials said.

The Manasquan Water Department announced it will flush hydrants now through Feb. 1, and that this too could result in discolored water.

The hydrant flushing began Dec. 26. Since the hurricane, multiple water main breaks have been discovered throughout Manasquan, and the water department announced it will engage in a second round of hydrant flushing, which began Monday.

Ron Jacobson January 15, 2013 at 11:03 PM
The discoloration is more than a possibility. Welcome to "Brown Town".


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