Belmar Scraps Seaport Redevelopment Plan: What Do You Think?

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The borough’s current seaport redevelopment plan hasn’t worked, and so it will be scrapped, Belmar officials said in an Asbury Park Press report.

An 11-member advisory committee of borough residents, property owners and engineers will help draft a plan to replace the old one, according to the report.

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Citing increased commercial tax revenues that would ease the burden on residential taxpayers, Mayor Matt Doherty has said he was eager to move forward with the seaport project.

“Not only would it be a financial benefit to the town, I think aesthetically, for our business community, it would be a real benefit to the town,” Doherty said in 2012.

In 2012, Greg Kapalko and Brett Yarusi, of Belmar-based Loko, Co., LLC, said their proposed 10,000-square-foot project to build three two-and-a-half-story buildings, estimated at $5 million, could potentially hold two restaurants, a fast-food joint, and one or two other non-food businesses on the ground floors, and up to 11 residential units above them.

BarbaraNJ April 07, 2014 at 11:37 AM
The Marina is too crowded as it is. There is barely enough parking for the boaters and they need to leave the parking lot by the boat ramp alone. No one wants to cross Rt 35 on foot and the Riverwalk isn't too bad but most people do not know about it. They lost over 20 parking spots when they added the dining area by the Fishermen's Den so that end of the Marina is really crowded too. Add in the Mini golf ( not sure if it has been a success or not) and the town needs to realize that "less is more" when it comes to the "seaport."
BarbaraNJ April 07, 2014 at 11:39 AM
Also, any additional buildings they building will take even more parking. Where are people going to go ? They wanted to make a restaurant by the mini golf ? Seriously ? Want to do something constructive ? Make 11th Ave a two way street again, that would help.
Dame Bridgid April 08, 2014 at 08:37 AM
This Mayor has"develpmentitus". This is not the first time his grandiose plans cost too much, & were contrary to the benefit of residents. Doherty needs to stop trying to turn Belmar into a sleazy carney attraction. The Belmar Marina really does not have enough parking in the summer now. Just where did he think he would build, & then where could they park? I would not count on parking across the street in the 7th Avenue lot anytime in the future either. That new beer distributor Doherty gave a special business variences, has already fenced off a huge section of that big parking lot between the train station & their new "Beach Haus"factory on 7th avenue for construction. They are laying the foundations of a 2 story high building addition there, for the other half of their massive"flagship brewery" home. As part of their "brewery" they are combining a large trucking distribution hub plus company offices, with what looks in their company's drawings to be a 3 storefront wide package store to host their "brew tours". The company spokeswoman has been boasting that Beach Haus brand is going to boost their beer production TEN TIMES more than their current distribution to 7 states. I wonder where are they going to put all those beer distribution trucks...Hmmm. The other half of the 7th Avenue parking lot? I expect all those brew tourists, plus all the other businesses customers will have few spaces in the 7th Avenue lot to park. The marina parking lot is probably going to be invaded by them on a constant basis. I hope the Marina enjoys cleaning up all the empty beer containers! That brewery allows tourists to stop in & buy a case or a six pack, but they do not drink it there. The park by the marina might have to ban alcohol or drunks will drive everyone away. Belmar will probably require police officers there to keep brew tourists from exposing themselves & making the area smell like a toilet. Point Pleasant; where this beer company has done previous business, had that kind of trouble, the drunks began openly peeing on private lawns. The police will be needed at the train station area too, keeping the inebriated from wandering into the path of a train. In my opinion; Mayor Doherty sure knows how to open a can of nasty worms! His previous development of a Cafe in that area already caused the use of a police officer as a crossing guard at 7th & Main. It seems to me, they will need to open a police sub station there, because of Mayor Doherty's new business friends! An officer for the area near the train , plus more officers to patrol the marina & park. Wow, between that & the extra sanitation for this area, it sure looks like his "business development plan" is turning into a lot of expense for Belmar residents.
BarbaraNJ April 08, 2014 at 12:18 PM
Dame Brigid, you and I need to go out for a drink, we have a lot in common to talk about.


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