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Report: Less Crime Overall In Manasquan Last Year

Manasquan residents were less likely to be victims of crime last year than they were in 2012, according to the latest crime statistics. 

Overall, crime in the borough overall was down 26 percent from 2012 figures, according to the State Police’s Uniform Crime Report, released this week.

The overall crime numbers are a combination of violent an nonviolent crimes tracked over the year. Violent crime dropped a whopping 77 percent and nonviolent crime also fell by 32 percent compared to 2012, the report says.

But it wasn’t all good news.

Burglary was up 21 percent overall and simple assaults were up 38 percent over 2012, the report says.

The report splits the burglary category into forcible entry – where something is broken to gain access -- and unlawful entry, such as entering an unlocked car, for example, and attempted forcible entry. Forced entry burglaries decreased from seven in 2012 to six last year, a decrease of 14 percent. But unlawful entry increased by 50 percent – from 18 in 2012 to 27 incidents last year. There were three incidents of attempted forcible entry in 2012 but only one last year, according to the report.

Of the 34 total burglaries, police have closed just eight cases, or 24 percent, the report says.

There were 29 simple assaults in 2012, but 40 last year, an increase of 38 percent. Police have closed 36, or 90 percent, of those cases, the report says.

There were four reported rapes in town in 2012, but none last year, according to the report.

There was a single strong-arm robbery last year, on par with 2012, the report says.

Aggravated assault dropped dramatically from six cases in 2012 to just one last year, a decrease of 83 percent. One assault with a knife was reported, one more than in 2012, according to the report.

There were four rapes reported in town in 2012, but none reported in 2013, the report says.

Incidents of larceny fell 40 percent, from 165 in 2012 to 95 last year, the report says.


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