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Indictment: K-Mart Stealer Caught Four Times

Farmingdale man indicted on four shoplifting charges

Erik M. Parker likes K-mart. He just doesn’t like to pay for anything there, police say. 

Parker, 28, of Farmingdale, on Wednesday was indicted on four counts of shoplifting from various K-mart stores in the area.

On November 29, Parker was allegedly caught stealing more than $500 from the retailer’s West Long Branch location, according to an indictment.

On December, 13, he was caught stealing merchandise valued at more than $500 from the Wall Township K-mart location, the indictment says.

On January 4, Parker was caught again at the Wall Township K-Mart and charged with stealing more than $500 worth of merchandise, the indictment says.

And on March 18, Parker was again nabbed at the West Long Branch location and charged with stealing more than $500 in merchandise, the indictment says.

Parker was indicted on four counts of third-degree shoplifting, according to the indictment.


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