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Manasquan, Wall Team Wins Little League Senior…

East of Bridges in Squan Still Off-Limits

State police mobilized to prevent looting and arrest any trespassers

The following is from a release from the Borough of Manasquan:

No persons are permitted east of the bridges, whatsoever. There are no exceptions.

New Jersey State Police has been mobilized and instructed to arrest any persons attempting to access this area. They are patrolling this area to ensure public safety and prevent looting and vandalism. 

Our areas east of the bridges have sustained massive damage from the storm. We have many residences and businesses that have been completely destroyed.

Many buildings are unstable and in danger of collapse. Many structures are buried under up to 10 feet of sand.

Many structures have shifted and severed the natural gas service lines. Debris and power lines further increase safety threats.

These safety issues must be addressed prior to considering any entrance by residents into the area.

Please be advised that we are working as quickly as possible to get residents back to inspect their homes. We currently have no time frame for this to occur, however, we still have extensive work to be completed prior to this happening. 

Residents who left pets in the disaster zone and wish for them to be recovered, please contact the Disaster Recovery Information Center hotline at (732) 223-0544 ext. 238 or visit Borough Hall. We will send an animal control team to retrieve the animal and you must pick up at Borough Hall once retrieved.

Marisa A. Sanfilippo November 02, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Charlie, do you know when things will clear up in Spring Lake? Thanks.


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