Car Overturns During Lake Como Auto Accident

Witnesses report emergency crews extricated victim from SUV

Two victims were taken away in an ambulance Tuesday morning after an SUV overturned during a motor vehicle accident in Lake Como, witnesses said. 

Emergency crews reponded to the scene at approximately 7:30 a.m., where an SUV appeared to have overturned on 17th Avenue, between Main Street and E Street, and struck a parked car, witnesses said. 

Responders extricated one victim from the overturned SUV, witnesses said.

The victim and another passenger were taken away in an ambulance, witnesses said. The extent of their injuries, if any, remain unclear.

Lake Como police were not immediately available for comment. 

Both vehicles were towed from the scene, witnesses said.

Spring Lake First-Aid, MONOC and Belmar police were also on-scene, witnesses said.


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