Attempted Financial Scams Reported in Wall, Manasquan Area

Police have received several calls from residents of attempted financial scams in Wall and Manasquan area.

These scams take several forms, but all prey upon the fear of the victims. 

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • A caller tells you that a family member has been arrested and will be sent to jail unless you send money immediately.
  • Your bank account is overdrawn and you must send money or your account will be closed.
  • You have defaulted on a loan and your credit score is in jeopardy and you are subject to arrest.
  • You (or your business) has defaulted on a utility (gas, electric, or water) and it will be shut off if you do not send an immediate payment.
  • You may be emailed or faxed an official looking warrant for your arrest if you do not pay a fine immediately.

Residents are warned to not believe these calls or emails.  If you receive a call that you believe to be a hoax, you should get an agency name, location, and contact numbers.  Then, through your own research, verify that information, especially phone numbers.

Do not send any money until you can verify the agency and the circumstances.  If you believe that something is suspicious, contact your local Police.    



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