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OPINION: Manasquan Ready To Raise Taxes - Will This Finally Drive Us Out?

No-one on the subject of Manasquan's proposed tax increase seems to have remembered those of us who, as Sandy Survivors, have paid tens of thousands of dollars in taxes over the past 18 months, with absolutely no return or benefit.

Eager to rebuild as strongly as robust regulations and a huge mortgage would allow, we still struggled over four hundred days before we could so much as drive the first piling. With carrying costs on the vastly more expensive reconstruction of a once-112 year old cottage, we are terrified that the coming tax bill will still succeed in driving us out of Manasquan where our family has lived and loved now for over ninety years. We are still months from any hope of actually occupying our old spot, and already additional hits from the Borough are ready to take us down again.
MHS Grad April 08, 2014 at 10:00 AM
The Willow Way folk act like the demise of the town and root of their problems is a proposed field project that isn't there and hasn't even started. Look around, the storm, the decay crappy roads bad water no dunes at the beach and unusable docks, it's the high municipal taxes ALL unrelated to the school or any proposed project. They are ONLY fingering this one item, yet they say build labs and other things, which would equally be budget items i.e. paid by taxes. Sad, hateful people who dont care at all about students or student athletes.
Carol Wilkins Kirkman April 08, 2014 at 10:47 AM
@MHS Grad- very sad that you have amnesia about what HS you actually truly graduated from in your younger days. Willow Way homeowners are not the problem... It's short sided people like yourself that don't really care how much money is spent by all Manasquan taxpayers for you and your friends "HS project". If so many taxpayers in Manasquan really wanted the Warrior Complex Field built, then the people voted off the BOE in November 2013 would still be sitting in those high powered chairs and making decisions. Higher levels of academic achievement and notorized success state and country wide for our school district kids is the ticket to entice potential students to attend the HS. Not potentially a 3 million dollar sports complex in the backyard of the HS. Then more tax dollars needed to do the same in the backyard of the Elementary School also, maybe, at some time in the future.
MHS Grad April 08, 2014 at 10:54 AM
@CWK above you're complaining about a "voting majority" so it doesn't seem to matter if 3 people left the Board and 3 new one's joined, does it? Why don't you get on the BOE so things can be done the right way.
Penn Cross April 08, 2014 at 07:47 PM
Voting out council members doesn't work anyway. When a good candidate is elected, one who actually cares about reducing spending and waste, the rest of them shoot down every proposal he or she makes, alway trying to make them look bad in the process, aided by the local media I may add. Voicing your opinions at the borough council meetings doesn't help either. Those who do are treated in a condescending manner, heads turned, talking over you, ignoring your concerns. After awhile, you realize it's pointless.
Waverider April 08, 2014 at 09:22 PM


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