Letter: Former BOE Candidate Thanks Voters and Post-Sandy Workers

Regina Discenza congratulates the incumbent winners

My sincerest thanks to the 4,576 people in Lacey Township that voted for me in the recent school board election. Congratulations to the incumbent winners.

But the real thanks go out to all the power people. To all those electrical workers from here, there and everywhere that have come rushing to help get the lights back on in New Jersey- THANK YOU to all 11,000 of you.

Our family hasn't left town much since the storm but it was heartwarming to see the power truck convoys coming in from out of state in the days after the storm. We are so grateful for all the help- Union or non union!! In time of disaster, ALL help is welcome!

To the folks with chain saws clearing trees working round the clock- God Bless you all.

May the Jersey Shore recover. There's a long road ahead.

Respectfully submitted,

Regina Discenza


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