Hit the Pedals for National Bicycle Month

Wally Tunison of The Bicycle Hub in Marlboro has some tips for bicycle riders.

Editor's note: This article was originally published in May, 2012 and is being re-published in honor of National Bicycle Month.

May is National Bicycle Month, but Wally Tunison, owner of The Bicycle Hub in Marlboro, wants this to be a month that sparks 365 days of riding.

"We encourage people to ride their bikes 365 days a year, and not wait for the 30 days in May," he said.

But for those who haven't pumped up their wheels in a while, Tunison said May is a month surrounding a national effort to rediscover your inner child's love of biking.

National Bicycle Month began about 20 years ago, promoted by independent bicycle dealers like The Bicycle Hub.

"We recommend you start off easy. Wear your helmet, and if you are unsure about your bicycle's condition, take it to any independent bicycle dealer near your home," he said.

Tunison said this is the time of year bike enthusiasts and beginners should be tuning up.

  • Tune your bicycle once a year
  • Check the condition of your helmet
  • Pump up tires correctly, with a pump that has a gaugeĀ 
  • Lubricate chains with the correct lubricant, which is not WD-40 or oil

The League of American Bicyclists is promoting several dates for biking throughout May, which can be found on their website.

Looking for areas to safely ride your bike in Monmouth County? In addition to the (which can be easily accessed from The Bicycle Hub, which provides trail parking), the Monmouth County Parks System provides a list of trails throughout the county.

"Although May is National Bicycle Month, cycling, like spinning, is an excellent opportunity for folks to get regular exercise anytime," Tunison said.

With lots of beachfronts re-opening this month for the summer season, and given the emphasis on bicycling as a means for transporation around towns such as Manasquan, May is a great month to ready your bike for an oceanfront ride.

Groups are encouraged to join The Bicycle Hub every Saturday and Sunday in May for a ride on the Henry Hudson Trail. Interested participants can call (732) 946-9080 for more information.


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