Manasquan, Belmar Officials Brace for 'Monster Storm' Scenario

Emergency crews preparing for Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, which according to reports has left 21 dead in the Caribbean, could be a monster storm if and when it hits New Jersey in a few days, officials said. 

Manasquan's Emergency Management coordinator, David Kircher, said he and his men were preparing for the worst, while hoping for the best. 

On Thursday crews filled the breaks in the dunes along the ocean front, forming, hopefully, a solid wall of sand between the ocean and beachfront homes, Kircher said.

And if the latest forecasts are correct, the low-pressure system predicted to intersect with Sandy when she reaches New Jersey could spell disaster for any flood-prone areas, Kircher said. 

"It has he potential to be a monster storm," Kircher said. 

In Belmar, crews began working on lowering water levels of Silver Lake and a plan for closing Ocean Avenue for pumping, officials said. 

On Friday, crews will close a portion of Ocean Avenue to pump Lake Como and continue securing oceanfront homes and marina structures, according to borough employee Colleen Connolly. 

Ocean Avenue is expected to be closed in parts throughout the weekend as pumping switches from Lake Como to Silver Lake by Sunday, Connolly said. 

Manasquan residents are being updated through the borough's Facebook and Twitter accounts. They can also listen to 1620 AM on their radio dials, Kircher said. 

Belmar residents can expect to be notified of any and all important information through the borough's Code Red emergency notification system, Connolly said. 

Regarding shelters, Kircher said most likely the county would open the Communications High School in Wall to area residents, but that additional shelters in the borough were also in the playbook. 

"We'll know more tomorrow (Friday)," he said. 

Kircher said residents should put together "grab and go" packs in case they need to evacuate quickly. Residents can find important tips at www.ready.gov, he said. 

JosephGhabourLaw October 26, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Here's a list of what should be in a waterproof, lockable container you can easily grab. If you might evacuate, that is you're where a storm could hit, it's wise to gather up these items: - Banking information checkbook, savings account passbook, safe deposit box key - Birth, death and marriage certificates, divorce decree - Will and power of attorney - Social Security card and records - Military records - Medical records (living will, health care surrogacy, etc.) - Insurance policies - Health insurance cards - Retirement account records - Recent pay stubs, in case you have to document employment to collect benefits - Tax returns - Car titles and registrations - Mortgage deeds or rental agreements - All of your credit cards - Passports and/or green cards - Hard copy list of important phone numbers (relatives, bank and insurance company) DVD or flash drive on which you back up computer files just before you shut down the computer and evacuate - If possible Home inventory (on paper, disc, flash drive or video; you should keep another copy in a safe place, maybe at work or at the home of a relative out of state) Don't forget any family photographs that you could never replace. And good luck! May you return to find your home safe and sound.


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