Traditional Pizza Available at Vic's in Bradley Beach

A perfect combination of traditional pizza with an old world Italian atmosphere.

[Editor's Note: This week in Bites Nearby we're featuring two Jersey Shore institutions— Vic's on Bradley Beach and Pete and Elda's/Carmen's Pizzeria in Neptune City. Both are known for their famously thin pizza and their loyal followings. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of the article!]

One of the finest thin crust pizzas is available at Vic’s Italian Restaurant, Main Street, Bradley Beach.

Entering Vic's Italian Restaurant is like entering a scene from the "Godfather." A lot of the decor, including the lamps, is irreplaceable.  

Vic’s is old world Italian at its best. A family business that has been open for 64 years, everyone at Vic’s takes Italian cuisine seriously, especially the pizza.

To understand just how serious at Vic’s, I spoke with Andy Hankins aka “the pizza guy” who has been making pizza in Vic’s kitchen for 35 years.

Every day, Hankins and his kitchen crew make around 160 pounds of homemade dough while also preparing a long list of fresh ingredients to top their famous pizza.

After I ordered their most popular pizza, a large sausage and peppers, I headed back into the kitchen to watch Hankins create my pizza from a ball of dough.

Hankins shapes the dough into a perfect circle, throws it up in the air for effect, and layers on homemade sauce, cheese, and the favorite, sausage and peppers. Once set up, the pizza goes into a conveyer belt oven for exactly six minutes at a temperature of 470 degrees.

They didn’t always use a conveyer belt, but after the results, there’s no way they are going back. The pizza cooks perfectly every time, from the top to the bottom. During my time in Vic’s kitchen, Hankins informed me that Domino’s also uses a conveyer belt. No offense to Domino’s, but this pizza has a lot more attitude.

After my pizza arrived on the other side of the conveyer belt, I head back to my table to enjoy it.  I was hoping that it tasted as good as it looked and smelled. I wasn’t disappointed. Vic’s Pizza is the perfect cross between a thin crust and classic pizza. Once you bite into Vic's Pizza, you will know why it's been an area favorite for 64 years.

Striking the perfect balance between crispy, soft, cheesy, and saucy, Vic's is a winner. Oh, and their cannoli cake and espresso are worth a try too!

Ortley Fulltimer April 22, 2013 at 07:03 PM
Best thin crust pizza without a doubt! Fantastic sauce! I went there constantly when I lived in Neptune City. I go whenever possible now.......wish I was closer. Also try the cheese ravioli. The dough is so thin they hover over the plate. AAA+++


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