Simple, Healthy Food— Inspired by California

"Dewilla's A Place to Eat" brings healthy, fresh California-inspired cuisine, to Lake Como

Have you been looking for “the place to eat” lately? Well, Dewilla Goldate has the place for you.

Goldate has just celebrated the one-year anniversary of her Lake Como restaurant, Dewilla's. A Jersey-bred entrepreneur and chef, Goldate lived in Middlesex County most her life, but a move to Santa Barbara inspired Goldate’s cooking for the rest of her life.

In 1996, Goldate sold her two businesses, The Beanery in Point Pleasant Beach and Git’ Fired Up, a pottery studio with locations in Ocean Grove and Point Pleasant Beach, and headed to the sunny shores of California. There, Goldate worked in a variety of fine dining restaurants where her passion for cooking healthy meals continued to flourish. 

When she returned to New Jersey, Goldate decided to offer the same healthy cuisine and relaxed atmosphere that many California eateries provided. On December 26, 2009, Dewilla's opened its doors.

At Dewilla’s, customers can enjoy truly healthy cooking at its best. Goldate doesn’t fry any of her dishes and she is a strong advocate of including as many fresh vegetables as possible.  All of the food is specifically picked.

“I’m pretty particular about my food. My customers won’t eat anything I wouldn’t,” said Goldate.

Not only is the food held to the highest of standards, but your lunch bill won’t break the bank. Eating healthy at Dewilla’s will cost you under $10 per person.  

Once inside, Goldate wanted the breakfast, lunch, and brunch restaurant to draw in a certain type of person. Sparsely furnished with decorative touches including a working waterfall, she provides an uncluttered space where you can focus on your food.  

An avid photographer, Goldate’s own photographs of her grandchildren adorn the “party room” and as she continues to settle in, you can expect the walls to become decorated in her artwork.

 Lake Como provided Goldate with the perfect atmosphere. It’s location on Main Street doesn’t allow for much beach traffic to come her way, which is good since she also doesn’t serve the traditional boardwalk food of hot dogs and French fries.

Instead, frequent customers including “ladies who lunch” and the Lake Como population that craves quality food with a relaxed atmosphere make up most of her clientele.

All sandwiches are served with hummus and chips or fruit. Customers can enjoy a range of healthy and light eating (even though the servings are plentiful) from the Veggie sandwich with tomatoes, red onion, avocados, and more, to the Ham and Brie sandwich, and even a classic Turkey Ceasar Panini. Or enjoy one of Dewilla’s bountiful and fresh salads.

Goldate promises a simple and relaxed atmosphere that offers fresh and healthy flavors at a great price.

“It’s that simple, just like I wanted it to be, simple,” said Goldate.

Visit Dewilla's online.

Susan February 26, 2011 at 06:09 PM
I have eaten at Dewilla's many times. I have always been very satisfied and the service is just outstanding! I know when i bring my clients in, they will have a great meal that won't break my bank.


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