Burritos, Tacos and More at Surf Taco

They put the "surf" in tacos

Years back, "Red Ed," who was a sales rep in the surf industry, more or less vanished from the surf shops you would see him in so often.

The reason?

Surf Taco in Point Pleasant Beach. 

Now a New Jersey favorite, Surf Taco has eight locations at the Jersey Shore.  

Surf Taco offers a unique atmosphere and is one of the healthier "quick" food options around. The decor is exactly what you would expect from the name. Surf videos play on flat screens around the rooms while photographs of local and pro surfers adorn the walls.

Surf Taco was the first in the area to cash in on the California-style taco and burrito eatery.

The employees are always attentive, outgoing and welcoming, which plays into the laid back surf vibe that they are going for.

I've had a number of different "combo" plates, burritos and nachos in my times eating here. My favorite of the combo plates is the No. 4, which consists of a Mavericks burrito, their signature Surf Taco, chips and a drink.  The "Mavericks" consists of char-grilled chicken, rice, beans, jack and cheddar cheeses, lettuce, sour cream and pico de gallo. The chicken is cooked to an amazing golden color on the outside without drying out the inside. It is cut into cubes and is juicy and bursting with flavors. The combination of the rice, beans and cheeses are a staple in a burrito.

Although Surf Taco's mix of it all tastes much different than most other places, "fresher" would be the best description.

The lettuce is crunchy and fresh, not soggy like you would expect in a burrito with so much packed in it. The sour cream and pico de gallo combine to make it taste like it almost a "secret sauce."

The "Surf Taco" is obviously a staple at all locations. It is their signature take on the age old taco. It also is my favorite menu item. It consists of cod fish battered in tempura and topped with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, white cilantro sauce and a drip of lime. The tempura cod tastes crunchy and refreshing — not fishy at all. The shredded cabbage compliments the fish perfectly by balancing the saltiness.  The pico de gallo with the cilantro sauce is a wonderful surprise. Much again, like a type of "secret sauce.

"The Buffalo Soldier is also another of their staples. Exactly as it is named —  it is a spicy buffalo chicken burrito garnished with rice, lettuce, pico de gallo, and blue cheese dressing. The rice and pico de gallo put a surprising twist on a regular buffalo chicken wrap. This combination makes it taste and feel like an entire meal rather than a wrap you need a side with. 

The prices are especially inexpensive for the amount of food you get. Compared to any other quick resort for food, Surf Taco offers one of the best.

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