Howell Volunteers Help Raise Awareness While Serving Community

Busy weekend helps others

With the help of a local business a group of local girls made the most of their Saturday to help two causes at the local level and beyond.

The group, known as the Pink Ribbon Girlz have been together for close to three years working to not only raise money for breast cancer awareness and also spent part of their day taking part in the Howell Clean Communities project. 

When the group was started three years ago by Danielle Messina and Shanya Wiser it was done as a tribute to Wiser's mother Suzanne who is a breast cancer survivor. Carmen Verdoni said the girls got help from Cathy of Cathy's Bagels in Ramtown who lets them use her storefront to raise the money. Breast cancer awareness is close to home for the local business owner as she is also a survivor. 

The girls took part in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Point Pleasant Beach this past weekend and also took part in the neighborhood cleanup effort. Verdoni said volunteering is nothing new for the girls. "The girls have been participating in the clean communities for the past three years," she said. "They look forward to getting together twice a year for this event. They find it amazing what they find on the side of the road and have learned that they an make a difference in their community."

Taking part in the walk were Danielle Messina, Megan Jankoski, Julia Wiernken, Jenna DeMarco, Shayna Wiser, Amanda Verdoni, Shaina DeMichele, Arianna Mohamod, Olivia Ambriano and Taylor Belfor. 

The girls who took part in the Howell Clean Communities were Amanda Verdoni, Jenna DeMarco, Julia Wiernken, Danielle Messina and Megan Jankoski. 



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