Sandy Sandy Sandy

Feeling vulnerable to mother nature this morning and this is what I wrote


Sandy Sandy Sandy


As we will soon see, Mother Nature can take away… The very locations that we have pleasured for so many years, may look vastly different after you have unleashed your fury. Yes the sun will still rise over the ocean, but what will the visual bring? Will there be a boardwalk , how far will the sand reach from the shoreline, and what will still be standing? Sandy you have chased many people from the comfort of their homes, and will put many more at risk for those whose jobs do not allow the luxury of staying dry.  I think what you are trying to prove is that with all of the technology that we have today, there is only so much one can do. We can tape, and sandbag, and leave, but you will still be at our doorstep. And what lies ahead in 48 hours man cannot prepare for, because man vs. nature has been tried many a time before, and we know that you always come out a winner. I suppose it is your way of trying to humble mankind. Letting us know that intelligence and technology is still no match for you. Everyone knows that you are on your way and that you can’t be stopped. How much fury and devastation you will bring will only be known upon your departure, and at that point what will be evident, is that although mankind is no match for mother nature, it is resilient. For something most innate to mankind is its ability to want to survive, and when that survival instinct kicks in it  brings people together. Neighbors reach out to one another, strangers open up their hearts, and barriers no longer exist. This  compassion, and love for one another surfaces during times of struggle. For what you prove when you enter our lives with such force, is that we are all defenders against your wrath. And our human army will join together to rebuild what we may lose. Is this your lesson? Do you give us a wake up call now and again to remind us that we are one family, and that the things that make us different we should embrace and not desecrate?  It makes one think, for when disaster strikes there are no barriers, the hate diminishes and is replaced by camaraderie. Man vs. Nature should be a reminder that we are together on this earth, people that should be one family with more help than hurt , and that it should not take a destructive message from Mother Nature to remind us of that.

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Judith cullen November 07, 2012 at 08:46 AM
My thoughts are with you all, i spent my 21st in Brielle and still think dearly if all those i knew, judy chapman Please get in touch if you knew me and shared those happy times a nd thankyou larry from the garage for making sure i had food!!!! Way back in 1969. On facebook as judy cullen with pic of GSD xxxx


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