December 11, 1992: Nor'Easter Wreaks Havoc at the Shore

Much of the Jersey Shore declared a disaster area

It wasn't the last great storm. But, over the past five decades, and before Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, it was probably the biggest.

On December 11, 1992, an intense nor’easter came ashore along New Jersey's coastline and remained there for three days.

Strong winds hit upward to 80 miles per hour, and massive amounts of snow overwhelmed businesses and schools. 

Flooding ravaged coastal towns. Toms River schools were closed a week due to the snowfall. Much of Long Beach Island, and nearly all of Sea Bright, was under water. Losing a car in the storm wasn't a freak accident; for some, it was part of the routine.

Abnormally high tides resulted in severe beach erosion. 

After the storm left, hundreds of millions of dollars of damage had been done, and the coast was declared a disaster area. 

The results of this storm convinced state legislators to enact beach protection and replenishment.

Since then, beach replenishment has helped preserve New Jersey’s beaches, but not without controversy; many taxpayers argue they should not have to pay to restore beaches that are largely private.

The storm was one of the more damaging nor'easters in the last 20 years.

Remember the storm? Let us know in the comments.


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