2010 Blizzard Dumped 1 to 2 Inches an Hour on Manasquan, Belmar

Dec. 26 and days after were spent digging out from under snow

Snowdrifts swallowed up mailboxes and more while piles of white stuff plagued drivers, pedestrians and local officials in a blizzard that left towns with hours of overtime plowing costs.

Here is a collection of videos during and after the memorable blizzard, which began Dec. 26, 2010.

In one video, Wall resident Mike Black took a time lapse of the snowfall, showing the heights snowdrifts would reach. Twenty hours of snowfall was compressed into under a minute in his viral video.

In others, the street markers of Belmar are partially obscured from the blizzard and road conditions prove hazardous. The Brielle station shows a train kicking up snow on the tracks as it rolls toward the platform.

Here is the National Weather Service's case study of the storm.


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